New additions. :D

I'm here to post again, in my dead little blog.
Last week, I bought 2 more leopard geckos.
A pair actually.
A Tremper Albino and a Tangerine het Tremper Albino.
I'm just gonna show pictures.
They're totally cute!

Oh yeah. And my Singapore Blue tarantula moulted.
Check out the colours on it. :D

It's moulted skin.

It's new look!

And this is Polka, staring at the camera.

Polka again.
A high-yellow/normal leopard gecko.

My male Tremper Albino, Trump.

And my little girl the Tang het Tremper, Beth. :D



I have something I have to show you guys.
It's my mom's blogshop.
She does handmade jewelleries.
Her blog link has been at my sidebar for quite some time.
But I think no one really took notice.

And since my mom has recently made ALOT of new jewelleries.
I'm gonna advertise it on this post.
Do visit her blog.

You can make orders for custom-made jewelleries too.
She's good I tell you.
So do visit!

Here's the link :


Class is cancelled. :\

I woke up this morning and was feeling fresh to go to college.
Got on my laptop. Facebook-ed for a few minutes.
Then I took my clothes and as I was stepping out of my room, my coursemate called and told me class got cancelled.
WTF?! How fucking potong is that!?

So since I'm bored and the next class won't be starting until 1.30pm.
I shall blog for awhile.

I'm planning on getting a haircut soon.
And this is what I'm going for this time.

Mom : You don't go cut your mohawk hair, I warn you.

I know, I'm stubborn and persistent.
I'm a rebel like that yo!

Mom I'm kidding.
Please don't shave my head. T__T


click to enlarge.

This has to be shared.
Hilarious mother effing shit.


It's back to school!... *coughs* COLLEGE!!

Ah.. The holidays have finally come to an end.
And it's back to college again.
I'm excited yet sad.
Just cos I'm still in a holiday moodddd!
Wait... I'm always in a holiday mood. Lol.

But I'm excited as well!
I mean.. it's a new semester right?
Everyone's excited when it comes to a new semester.
But for those SPM takers.. LOLLY!!

So I haven't told you guys yet but I received a new laptop last Christmas. :)
Therefore my old PC's going to my sister soon.
I can't unplug it by myself because the modems are connected to my PC.
Gotta wait for my cous.

And to occupy my big empty desk after my PC is moved to my sister's room, I would get myself a table lamp!
It'd be hella convenient lo if I have one on my desk.
The yellow light I have on the wall is chilling but it's not bright enough for me to do my work.

And I need to tidy up my room somemore.
It's a mess!
There are wires everywhere!
Mom's been nagging me non-stop about my room.
Dad stopped nagging about that.
He's incharge of nagging me about how much I spend now.
My parents organize things out pretty nice don't they?

Anyway, I was caught in an accident yesterday.
I was in Sam's car.
And during the accident, Sam's Kelissa got sandwiched in between 2 vehicles.
Fortunately, the car behind wasn't some truck or bus.
If not.... I don't even wanna imagine what might have happened.

But 4 cars were involved.
One is Sam's.
Another's Kok Foo's.
Another 2 are strangers.
All because ANOTHER car infront hit a dog and brakes like fuck after that.
Looks like CNY came early for Sam and Kok Foo. :S
And not forgetting the dog.
I think the dog can't be saved anymore.
Both it's legs were badly injured.
It should just be put to sleep. *sigh

I think I should stop here.
My sleeping time's really messed up.
I'm like a freakin' vampire already.
Goodnight, blog and the never-fair-world.


Hi world.

Dear blog,

I have neglected you again.
I have alot of updates actually.
I was in KL weeks ago.
No worries though.
I'm going to update about them soon.

I'm here tonight because I feel lonely.
And I need to talk.
I've come to realize.. this is the best place to open up to.
I don't need anyone to understand me.
I just need to talk.

I'm really upset tonight.
My heart just sunk.
Though I'm glad at the same time.

I just found out about something.
My heart immediately cracked the moment I knew.
But no one is gonna know what happened.
Because I am not telling anyone.

There are no stars tonight.
It's just me and cans of beer again.
Not forgetting you, good ol' blog.

I'm starting to wonder..
From now on, where am I going to get the strength to move on with life?
I need to pull myself together.
I have to even if I can't.

God, please give me the strength to be strong again.
I really need it.
Please strengthen my heart.
I cannot bear with this pain which is so unbearable.

To anyone that reads this post.
Please do not question me.
And I mean no one.

All there is to do now, is to be strong..


Hi Santa.

So Santa, I desperately need these leopard geckos.
Thank you. :)

That's not all.

I want a new phone.
A laptop.
An amp.
And a new acoustic guitar. Preferably the electric ones.

I'm not asking for much.
I'm not greedy like the rest of the kids in the neighbourhood. :)

Spawn. D:

The Spawn figure that I did for my 3D assignment.
It's nothing compared to everyone else's figures. :(


Winter holidays!!!


But... I did very bad for this term.
I pray I don't fail. :(
I need to be forced to do better next semester, either by myself or with the help of someone else. :(
I slacked and procrastinated.. WAY TOO MUCH.
I was over the border. *sigh

So anyway, I'm not gonna let my 3 weeks holidays go to waste.
I already have A LOT of plans up my sleeves!
Trip to KL, catch up with some friends that I've never hung out with for some time, DVD marathon, clean Polka's tank, hunt for more leopard geckos, spend Christmas with lovable superbly awesome people and hopefully brainwash myself to not slack from next semester onwards. :)

Yesterday right after I handed in my assignments, I went back to bathe.
Had lunch and went to fetch Tim straight away.
Fetched him around to get his new leopard gecko pet!

Tim's new leopard gecko.

Right after that, I went to get a haircut in a saloon recommended by Deng.
And I must say, the hairstylist is quite knowledgeable with what he's doing.
And it was only RM30 plus the washing!
It's really worth it compared to the other saloons I've went to.
The other saloons I've been to charge more than that. And the worst part is, they give me a bad hair season!

And next, headed to Tha's house for barbecue!
Despite having a really really sore throat, I still ate.
Alright, now the rest will be pictures.
There are tonnes of them!

I'm too lazy to talk about the pictures.
But I don't have to in order for you people to know it was an awesome night. ;)